This Tastes Like Ashes on My Tongue


“Oh, fuck!

Everett’s orgasm catching him completely by surprise, the vibrations from Cameron humming around him sending him right over the edge. His hips snap forward uncontrollably, forcing his cock back and deep in Cameron’s mouth as he releases hot spurts down the back of his throat.

He slumps back against the wall, legs refusing to hold him anymore as he slips out Cam’s mouth and he slides down the wall, body tingling pleasantly. It feels like it takes all the effort in the world to open his eyes but when he does, he’s greeted by Cameron’s face, lips red and raw and completely fucked open. Ev’s cock gives a half-hearted twitch and he moans at the sensitivity.

“Did you save a taste for me?”


Blaine waits until Kurt’s completely drifted off before he lets himself relax further. He closes his eyes and lets himself drift towards sleep, knowing that he won’t sleep deep just in case Kurt needs him. His lasts coherent thought before sleep claims him is of Kurt and only Kurt.

Everett’s cum hitting the back of his throat is surprising, but definitely not unwelcome. Cameron swallows all he can, a little bit remaining on his tongue as the elder man slides out of his mouth and down to the floor in front of him. He has half a mind to swallow it down too, until Everett asks if he’s saved a taste. Nodding coyly, Cameron leans forward, sliding his tongue against Everett’s. His own mouth is raw and it almost hurts to move his lips the way he is, bruised and swollen, but he’ll be damned if it isn’t worth it to see the look on Everett’s face when he pulls away.

"Love you, Ev."