This Tastes Like Ashes on My Tongue


Everett wants to say something, wants to keep this going a little bit longer, but Cameron’s sucking his cock down before he can even get a word out and his knees almost buckle at the sensation, his hand flying out to hold himself up against the wall and doorframe.

“F-Fuck! Cameron!” Everett’s dimly aware that he’s being loud and probably disturbing his brother and his fiancé but he can’t seem to catch his breath fast enough to control himself. He rocks his hips up, cock sliding in and out of Cameron’s mouth and he wasn’t going to do this, not yet, but he can’t help but rock his hips harder, fucking Cameron’s mouth.

“S-so hot. Such a pretty little mouth.”


“Baby, I promise to be here until you don’t need me anymore.” Blaine presses a kiss to Kurt’s temple, lips lingering a few seconds. Kurt needs his sleep; Blaine knows the last few days haven’t been easy on him and he knows that he’s partially to blame for it. Instead of giving in to the gnawing guilt, Blaine just holds Kurt tighter, softly singing his favorite lullaby.

Honey is for bees, silly bear.

Besides there’s jelly beans everywhere.

It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams

Don’t worry your head just go to sleep.

It doesn’t matter how you feel, life is just a ferris wheel

It’s always up and down, don’t make a sound.

When you wake up the world will come around.

When you wake up the world will come around.

It’s just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers

In the morning it will be all better

It’s not what it seems in the land of dreams

Don’t worry your head just go to sleep.”

Cameron smirks a little—well, as best he can—with Everett’s cock in his mouth, satisfied that the elder man is having this kind of reaction, despite their brothers in the room next door. There’s something satisfying about how the head of Everett’s dick is hitting the back of his throat with each thrust, rough and dirty.

After a moment or two, he decides to give up the innocent act, reaching up and starting to massage Everett’s balls, humming lightly as he does so. He turns his eyes up once more, never breaking his rhythm.


"I’ll always need you," Kurt whispers, giving a final yawn under his breath, a little smile on his face as he listens to the lyrics. He doesn’t fight the weight of his eyelids anymore, letting sleep overtake him as Blaine sings softly in his ear, this time floating off into a dream instead of a nightmare.

There’s laughter and smiles, and a beautiful New York skyline in the background just over the hill of the house. A little girl and boy—twins—cling to his legs in the kitchen as he bakes cookies, his pregnant belly covered by an apron. Blaine walks in the door, and their kids run to their father, their shrieks of “Daddy!” filling the kitchen. His husband kneels down, hugging the two children tightly before he stands to kiss Kurt’s cheek, hands rubbing against the younger man’s stomach. It’s perfect, everything Kurt wants the future to be, everything he hopes happens in Blaine’s and his life.