This Tastes Like Ashes on My Tongue


Everett groans as Cameron looks up at him, the very picture of innocence. They’ve fucked enough for him to know just how innocent Cam isn’t, but fuck if he doesn’t play the part well. Reaching down, Ev tangles his fingers in Cameron’s hair, deciding to play along.

“You ever sucked a cock with that pretty little mouth of yours, Cameron?” Ev’s voice is ragged and raw and he knows that it’s only going to get worse before the night is over. Cameron is the only person on the planet capable of making him scream. “I’m gonna fuck it up so nice, make your lips so plump. You’ll never want another cock than mine when I’m through with him.”

Gripping Cam by his hair, firm enough to guide but loose enough he can get away if he wants, Ev directs him towards his straining cock, hips bucking a little in anticipation. “Show me what you can do.”


Eyes closed, Blaine basks in the glow of having Kurt safe and sound in his arms again. The last couple weeks have been hard as hell on the both of them and Blaine wants to savor this moment.

After a few minutes, he pulls back, reaching up to wipe Kurt’s tears away. “Come on. Let’s go to bed. I want to hold you properly.”

Standing, Blaine gently tugs Kurt up until he’s standing, tucking him in against his side as close as is physically possible for them to still be able to walk and maneuvers him to their bedroom. He gets Kurt situated on the bed before climbing on after him, pressing in close as he can, tucking his face into Kurt’s neck, tangling their feet together.

“This feels better.”

"No, sir. Never sucked any cocks before." Cameron sits up on his knees a little, bracing his hands against the door. Okay, maybe he’s getting a little too into this whole innocent act, but he can’t really help himself, and when Everett pulls on his hair, Cameron nearly drops the act right then and there. Somehow though, he manages to maintain his composure, keeping his eyes wide as Everett guides him.

"Such a big cock you have. I don’t know how I’m ever going to do this.” Cameron licks his lips a little, turning his eyes down. Of course he can do this; he has done this, but once again, he’s pushing the boundaries with Everett, testing to see what the other man likes, or may not like.

The younger man flicks his tongue across the head of Everett’s erection before taking it completely into his mouth. He’s going to take his time with this.

The cotton sheets of their bed are cool against Kurt’s skin, Blaine’s body a warm, but not unwelcome contrast. This is the most at ease Kurt has felt since he came home from the hospital, his fiancé’s breath tickling his neck, and the strong arms he’s come to know so well wrapped around his middle. Kurt rests his left hand next to his face, looking at the ring Blaine gave him. It was funny how such a small thing could carry such big implications. 

"I hate when we fight or are at ends with each other," Kurt whispers after a few moments of silence, closing his eyes. "I know that it happens and that not everything can be perfect all the time, because that’s just not healthy, but that doesn’t mean I like it when it does happen.” He exhales through his nose. “No matter what though, I’ll always love you, B.”